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We are sharing some more information related to the GUY FAWKES DAY. Today, we had presented our Power-point presentation to our class about the Guy Fawkes Day. The class enjoyed our presentation a lot. Around 1605, people started burning effigies of Guy Fawkes. Guy Fawkes was in prison during this time, and later it was declared that Guy Fawkes was hung to death in the House Of Lords.  It was celebrated in other countries as well. In Boston , an early celebration was observed in 1685. later, an special Riot Act was passed, which resulted to lessening of the celebrations of Guy Fawkes Day. In North America the commemoration was at first paid scant attention, but the arrest of two boys caught lighting bonfires on 5 November 1662 in Boston suggests, in historian James Sharpe's view, that "an underground tradition of commemorating the Fifth existed". In parts of North America it was known as Pope Day, celebrated mainly in colonial New England. The Guy Fawkes Day is also known as Pope Day in North America. According to author Alfred Young's view .....The Pope Day signified "scaffolding, symbolism, and leadership."

We will be soon be uploading pictures of us working on this project.

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