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Hey friends We just watched the stuff that you sent us. We found out many mistakes that you have made in the documents as the ppts. you have written the demon ravan as a guy but he is a demon and to make the information more interesting, you should have narrated the whole event. the godess worshiped in Mysore is called Chamundeshwari and there was a monkey army with rama the bridge made is still present and is known as the palak strait. Hanuman was the commander of the monkey army. after the war, the brother of ravan Vibhishan was crowned the king of lanka. Ram's brother Lakshman also took lesson from ravan of how to become an efficient ruler. Ravan is still worshiped in parts of Sri Lanka till now. Bye, Tejas
HEY  GUYS !! we just acknowledged you work and we lovingly appreciate the work you guys have prepared !!! Its just so beautiful ! Perhaps I would like to add more information about Dussehra... Dussehra , also called Vijayadashami , in hindusim, holiday marking the triumph of Rama, an avatar of Vishnu, over the 10-headed demon king Ravana, who abducted Rama’s wife, Sita. The festival’s name is derived from the Sanskrit words dasha (“ten”) and hara (“defeat”). Symbolizing the victory of good over evil, Dussehra is celebrated on the 10th day of the month of Ashvina (September–October), the seventh month of the Hindu calendar, with the appearance of the full moon, an event called the “bright fortnight” ( shukla paksha ). Dussehra coincides with the culmination of the nine-day Navratri festival. But there is a whole story written about ravana taking sita, wife of rama which is called THE RAMAYANA. To be honest you guys haven't mentioned Hanuman who has played a very important
Hello Friends Today we saw your PPTs on Dusshera. We would like to thank you for putting in your efforts in the project. We received 7-8  entries from you guys. 3 PPTs were having totally different information about Guy Fawkes' death. One was telling that Guy Fawkes had broke his neck so that he could avoid hanging. The other two stated that Guy Fawkes had jumped off a cliff and had jumped off a tower in London.while our research states that  While climbing to the hanging platform, however, he jumped from the ladder and broke his neck, dying instantly.   we got this information from .........[]......... After watching your PPT it looks like you are very fascinated by Ravana.  We also got to know about the date when he died and about his mother and father's name --- Edith and Edward. There was some confusion between the surname of Thomas ---- whether it was Winter or Watson. There were a few spelling mistake
OPG World School  Assembly  Lighting Up the Night Sky     OPG World School Assembly Lighting Up the Night Sky  

Guy Fawkes Assembly

Hi Friends.... Today an assembly was conducted about the Guy Fawkes Festival. Students from Classes IV to VII were there to see our presentation and play on Guy Fawkes Day. The participants had to bring costumes appropriate for their character. The play described the whole incident which took place on 5th November 1605 and the whole planning of Guy Fawkes with his two close friends :Thomas and Robert. Which they tried to accomplish very carefully. But unfortunately were caught plotting a cache of explosives under the House of Lords by a commander under King James I. But the plan was executed only between Robert, Guy Fawkes and Thomas. Watson had informed the guards of the King about the plan of killing the king. Thereby Guy Fawkes, Thomas and Robert were caught and were told to face the king. The King angrily ordered his soldiers to hang them to death and announce that from that day everyone would burn effigies of Guy Fawkes , and put up bonfires to celebrate the survival of th
Hi friends!!!!! Today we, the students of class VII performed on the occasion of the Guy Fawkes night. Let me share some information about this event :- We all did a skit about Guy Fawkes festival. We had to practice a lot to tell the truth about Guy Fawkes' intentions. Our group had to bring costumes and make props too. We all made the props and arranged the costumes too. All of us practiced till we reached perfection. Then came the time for the performance. There were different roles that were being played by my fellow classmates. Pihoo played the role of Guy Fawkes, Yasheswar played the role of Robert keys, Aniket played the role of Thomas bates, Sarvarth played the role of Watson, I (Divyansh) played the role of commander , Harshul  played the role of soldier 1 and tanishq played the role of soldier 2, also Sayuri,Kasshvi,Shraddha were the narrators. Our practices were hilarious but the skit went out very well. Some us wore the Guy Fawkes Vendetta Mask. We all were excited

Preparing for the Assembly and Blogging

Hello Friends !!  Glad to be back with more information ! We got so deeply involved in festivals that we found more similar festivals that are just celebrated like Guy Fawkes and Dussehra . Would like to share few of our research with you guys!!!!!! 1. Burning Man is an annual event in the western United States at Black Rock City – a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada, approximately 100 miles north-northeast of Reno. They burn effigies structured like a man. For example if it starts on Monday , 26 August then it will likely to end on Monday, 2 September. 2. The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular the Central and South regions, and by people of Mexican heritage elsewhere. Its more like Guy Fawkes Festival.  That's it for today !!!   HAPPY BONFIRE NIGHT !!! 😉 SIDDHI   
Hi Friends !!! Today we are here to keep you well updated on our project. Here , in India we celebrate Dusshera with full enthusiasm and zeal in our mind and heart. We have completed all necessary requirements  for our ISA Project. The project has got us deeply involved in it. Guy Fawkes Day is such a vast topic to work on.   Today we are conducting an assembly on the Guy Fawkes Day... with a role play showing the whole story of Guy Fawkes.  We really enjoyed working on it. We look forward for your response and pictures and videos of your class working on your projects Regards Shreyansh 
Hey Guys! Preparing for this fest and learning about it has been really fun. We have been preparing an assembly for the kids in our class to know more about it. It has been an incredibly fun and learning experience preparing for the assembly and we have it in an hour or so. We have been practicing everyday and messing around while doing it too. We would sometimes do exaggerated expressions of the characters in our play but we got scolded for it. Honestly, everyone is super excited to be interacting with all of you and many people volunteered. In our assembly, we will be providing some information about the origin of the fest and a short play on what happened before the traitors were arrested. We have a fest too. it's called Diwali. hope you have as much fun as we do. Happy Bonfire Night
Hey friends, I'll be just updating you all more about our work. We are going to have our grand assembly in another hour or two. Let's say we had a hard time actually knowing about your fest. That was hard work but fun. We even are telling our curious students about the differences and similarities between Guy Fawkes Night and Dusshera. Some things have to be repeated every time like making the children take an oath on not bursting crackers or maybe use "Green Crackers". The most famous poem of Guy Fawkes is going to be sung in the end. It was a fun time we had.   Bye!!!:)
Hi friends we were very confused about the differences between Catholic and protestants. so we did a little research on them and this is what we discovered: The Pope Catholics have a Pope, which they consider a vicar for Christ; an infallible stand-in while Protestants believe no human is infallible and Jesus alone heads up the Church. Cathedrals Catholicism says that “humanity must discover its unity and salvation” within a church . Protestants say all Christians can receive salvation, regardless of church membership. Saints Saints are seen by Catholics as an intermediary to God or Jesus. Catholics pray to saints in addition to God. Protestants acknowledge saints, but don’t pray to them. Scripture The be-all, end-all for Protestants is “the Word of God.” For Catholics, tradition is just as important as scripture. Authority In Catholicism, only the Roman Catholic Church has authority to interpret the Bible. Protestants believe that each individual has authori

Enjoying making the Effigy

Hey guys! We are glad to inform you that we have successfully made the effigy of Guy Fawkes. Some of us were busy making the movie, PowerPoint presentation, narration scripts etc.. So there were only few of us making the effigy. Their names are - Siddhi ( that's me!) Sneha Krrish Vanshika Erica So basically it all started of with enjoyment and fun but frankly speaking that we had created a lot of fuss making the effigy. But what is fun without MESS!!! We first made the head with newspapers and tissues. As one of my friend was having an extra mask we used it for making the face features. Now for the body we only used tapes , newspapers , paper. For hands and legs we used the same material. The hardest part was when we were making the abdomen. We actually needed a proper measurement of it so they actually took mine !!! I am not that healthy so we added more number of newspaper to make him look a bit fat ;) ! We had taken almost 4 to 5 days to complete it and are now happy wit
Hey friends, We are back again and this time we are making the Guy Fawkes mask famously known as V for Vendetta mask. It was used by Guy Fawkes to hide his identity while doing the gunpowder plot. He laid thirty six barrels of gunpowder and went there wearing that mask fully clad with black cloth. In this blog we will share how to make that very own mask for yourself. Step 1: Take a base of the mask made of paper. Tape it with clear tape to make it water resistant. Step 2:Use tissue papers or old newspaper and put it in a solution of glue and water. Step 3:Apply 3-4 coats on the mask. Let it dry overnight. Step 4:Apply a thin layer of white cement on the inner area. Let it dry.   Step 5:Paint it with colors if your choice. It is ready. We have made a lot of masks for assembly. We were also planning to make an effigy of Guy Fawkes but we could not make it due to the weather condition as it will not dry. We will soon share the images of completed mask soon. Bye Tejas Luthra (
Hey guys! We were told by one of our classmates that he had seen the Guy Fawkes mask being used in the movie V for Vendetta.This got us very excited and we decided research about this.We realized that the mask is now used by the group Anonymous. They wear it whenever they come out in public. Anonymous is an illegal international hacktivist group that is known for its cyber crimes against several governments and their institution and corporations. The mask was first used by the Anonymous in 2008.It is a mask of a man with an oversized smile with red cheeks , a wide mustache upturned at both ends and a thing pointed beard. This was designed by David Lloyd. It was first used in V for Vendetta published in 1982 and then in the 2005 film adaptation. Anonymous adopted the mask of Guy Fawkes because he was also considered to be anti -establishment just like the group considers themselves to be. We have very enthusiastically making the masks Regards aansh kumar

Pictures of Assembly Practice and PPT Presentation

Hello friends .... We are back with some more information about our project : THE HISTORY AND ORIGIN OF THE GUY FAWKES DAY. The Guy Fawkes Day is such a vast topic on which we are loving to work. we made effigies of Guy Fawkes made out of newspapers , props such as black hats which are used as a traditional costume. , posters and collages showing celebrations of Guy Fawkes worldwide and describing the actual incident which originated The Guy Fawkes Day, and masks , all this has made our school life even more fun and interesting. Creative work has also made us think Creatively. While working with our PowerPoint Presentation we added traditional music - " Remember Remember The 5th Of November", videos of celebrations of Guy Fawkes in United Kingdom. and also prepared a narration script for our group's narrators. Our group has put in their best they could have and prepared a project - very interesting and full of knowledge. We are glad to have our projet topic as The Guy
Hey Friends !  Welcome back ! how  are you all ? Well we have all been working on Guy Fawkes Day  more enthusiastically now ! Finding stuff about 'Guy Fawkes Day and How Is It Celebrated' is just so FUN ! Now nothing much to say because we have already been telling all of you so much. But for a nice beginning  we are  glad to inform you that we have made an effigy Guy Fawkes with tissues, old newspapers, and old clothes. We have also been making masks for the group with papers and printouts. One of our group member has also made a movie for your entertainment. With narrations and scripts to movies and props we have done very much everything for your entertainment. Just cant wait for 5th november  Thanks  Siddhi
Hey friends, We are back and this time with some more information on Guy Fawkes Day :Music, Costumes, Props. We are working with the effigy of Guy Fawkes with cement. We also had a problem with information in our presentation. We also have inserted the videos on songs and celebration. We are also preparing for the play on Guy Fawkes Day. We have an assembly on the Fifth  of November in our school for this activity. Hope to hear from you soon. Your Friend, Tejas
Hey guys! I am Shraddha and I am in charge of the assembly we are going to do on the 5th of November 2018. We tried our best to come up with the most interesting assembly as we could. We are starting with introducing the children with some information about Guy Fawkes. Then we have this short play in which the story about Guido is being narrated. Pihoo, who is playing Guido is an exact replica of him. His friends are as bold as her. Saksham, playing the one and only King James is the boldest of all. Divyansh, whose voice will wake you up, is playing the commander. Sayuri is narrating this play beautifully. Kasshvi is anchoring with me. So you all can see our effort.We are very anxious and excited for this event. We will keeop you updated Bye Shraddha

Photographs of our PPT Presentation

Hello friends, We are sharing some more information related to the GUY FAWKES DAY. Today, we had presented our Power-point presentation to our class about the Guy Fawkes Day. The class enjoyed our presentation a lot. Around 1605, people started burning effigies of Guy Fawkes. Guy Fawkes was in prison during this time, and later it was declared that Guy Fawkes was hung to death in the House Of Lords.  It was celebrated in other countries as well. In Boston , an early celebration was observed in 1685. later, an special Riot Act was passed, which resulted to lessening of the celebrations of Guy Fawkes Day. In North America the commemoration was at first paid scant attention, but the arrest of two boys caught lighting bonfires on 5 November 1662 in  Boston  suggests, in historian James Sharpe's view, that "an underground tradition of commemorating the Fifth existed". In parts of North America it was known as Pope Day, celebrated mainly in colonial  New England. The Guy Fa
Hello Friends ! We are back with some new information about How Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated. Today we gave a presentation to our classes about the same. The class was really amused in knowing that Guy Fawkes is celebrated more over like Dussehra. Children make effigies of Guy Fawkes with materials like straw , newspaper & old clothes.. PRETTY FUN!! According to our research , traditionally children used to carry home-made models and asked the passer-by 'penny for a man' while singing melodious rhymes and song related to the occasion!  One of our favorite rhyme is :- Remember, remember, the Fifth of November Now to conclude i would like you all to know that we have just finished with our festival DUSSEHRA. It was pretty nice.. We all cannot wait for you festival!! Sharing some picture of our class activity ... soon!!!
Hey Friends, Our group is back with some more information on Guy Fawkes Day and the topic is none other than Music Props and Costumes. The song we will prepare this time is :- DIESEL AND SHALE This song signifies the time when people thought that Guy Fawkes was a criminal. We enjoyed Dussera by burning effigies of Ravana and his brothers Kumbhkarana and Meghanatha. We feel that Dussera is similar to Guy Fawkes. We cannot wait to get more information on Dussera.     
Hi friends! Glad to be back again! We are sharing more information related to the Guy Fawkes festival. What we searched is something like this that in Great Britain, Bonfire Night is associated with the tradition of celebrating the failure of Guy Fawkes ' actions on 5 November 1605. This festival is actually very similar to Dusshera as we also burn Raavan . According to our research we got to know that the celebrations are held throughout Great Britain; in some non-Catholic communities in Northern Ireland; and in some other parts of the Commonwealth. As I just have got one topic, so I got this much information  Regards Aansh Kumar
Hi Uploading some photographs of the students doing their research work.