Hi Friends....

Today an assembly was conducted about the Guy Fawkes Festival. Students from Classes IV to VII were there to see our presentation and play on Guy Fawkes Day. The participants had to bring costumes appropriate for their character. The play described the whole incident which took place on

5th November 1605 and the whole planning of Guy Fawkes with his two close friends :Thomas and Robert. Which they tried to accomplish very carefully. But unfortunately were caught plotting a cache of explosives under the House of Lords by a commander under King James I. But the plan was executed only between Robert, Guy Fawkes and Thomas. Watson had informed the guards of the King about the plan of killing the king. Thereby Guy Fawkes, Thomas and Robert were caught and were told to face the king. The King angrily ordered his soldiers to hang them to death and announce that from that day everyone would burn effigies of Guy Fawkes , and put up bonfires to celebrate the survival of the king.

Everyone was very happy to see the play as they got to know a lot about a festival just like Dusshera.

The narrators also gave out some similarities between the two festivals celebrated in completely different continents.

Some children in the audience wore masks of Guy Fawkes.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day to all of you in United Kingdom .... ENJOY !!!



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