Hey guys!
I am Shraddha and I am in charge of the assembly we are going to do on the 5th of November 2018.
We tried our best to come up with the most interesting assembly as we could. We are starting with introducing the children with some information about Guy Fawkes. Then we have this short play in which the story about Guido is being narrated. Pihoo, who is playing Guido is an exact replica of him. His friends are as bold as her. Saksham, playing the one and only King James is the boldest of all. Divyansh, whose voice will wake you up, is playing the commander. Sayuri is narrating this play beautifully. Kasshvi is anchoring with me. So you all can see our effort.We are very anxious and excited for this event.
We will keeop you updated


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