Hello friends ....
We are back with some more information about our project : THE HISTORY AND ORIGIN OF THE GUY FAWKES DAY. The Guy Fawkes Day is such a vast topic on which we are loving to work. we made effigies of Guy Fawkes made out of newspapers , props such as black hats which are used as a traditional costume. , posters and collages showing celebrations of Guy Fawkes worldwide and describing the actual incident which originated The Guy Fawkes Day, and masks , all this has made our school life even more fun and interesting. Creative work has also made us think Creatively. While working with our PowerPoint Presentation we added traditional music - " Remember Remember The 5th Of November", videos of celebrations of Guy Fawkes in United Kingdom. and also prepared a narration script for our group's narrators. Our group has put in their best they could have and prepared a project - very interesting and full of knowledge. We are glad to have our projet topic as The Guy Fawkes Day , one of the most celebrated festivals.

Looking forward for your response.


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