Lighting Up the Night Sky'

' Lighting Up the Night Sky' Guy Fawkes Day ( 5th November 2018) and Dusshera (19thOctober 2018)-   is a collaborative activity to study the similarities and differences in the two festivals that are celebrated  in  United Kingdom  and India respectively. Students involved in the activity will gain knowledge on the history of the festivals of Guy Fawkes Day and Dusshera and the way they are observed in the present times.  They will recognize and celebrate the similarities in the festival of another country and appreciate and respect the differences.
The students in India will research on Guy Fawkes Day, its origin, history, importance for the community, the manner in which it is celebrated. For this research they shall be divided into four groups. One group will research on the history and origin of the festival, the second group will study the importance of the festival to the community concerned, the third will study the costumes, props, music etc. associated with the festival and the fourth will study on how it is observed in the present times. The same activity will be conducted by the partner school in the UK on Dussehra.
The groups will sit together after two weeks and share their knowledge. They will prepare a short movie or a PowerPoint presentation tracing the history of the festival and its observance in the present times. The two groups will watch both the movies and presentations. These movies or presentations will be shared with the partner school and the movies or presentations prepared by them will be shown to our students. After watching each others' movies or presentations, students of both schools will give feedback about their respective festivals i.e. students of OPG will give feedback on the information shared by the partner school on Dussehra and our partner school will do the same for Guy Fawkes Day. Based on the knowledge gained after watching the movies or presentations made by students of both the countries, our students will have a group discussion, within their groups, on the similarities and differences between the two festivals. These will be presented in the form of a graphic organiser. The students of the partner school will conduct a similar activity. The students of the two partner schools will exchange their ideas via emails. Thereafter students of both schools will learn a song related to each festival. The students of both schools will celebrate Dusshera and Guy Fawkes Day. On 5th November 2018 students of OPG will make a presentation on the two festivals, celebrating the similarities and appreciating the differences, at the morning assembly. The assembly presentation will be video graphed and uploaded on the youtube and shared with the partner school.


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