Hi friends ,
My team and I had researched about the GUY FAWKES FESTIVAL and we got to know a lot , thus we are sharing our research work with you today.  Guy Fawkes Festival also known as the Guy Fawkes Day , Guy Fawkes Night and the Firework night , is an annual commemoration primarily observed on 5th November , mainly in the United Kingdom. The festival originated from the  Gunpowder Plot in 1605, it was planned by a group of Catholics to replace the protestant King James I from the throne and replace him with a Catholic Head.  Guy Fawkes a member of the group of English Catholics was caught and arrested planting explosives by the King's residency. The guards and officials o the king allowed the citizens to celebrate the survival of the king. The people then lit bonfires,danced on traditional music. One popular song of their festival is : " Don't you Remember,
The Fifth of November". The festival is celebrated all around the world.

We will be researching and sharing more information with you. please share more information of Guy Fawkes with us.



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