Hey guys!
We were told by one of our classmates that he had seen the Guy Fawkes mask being used in the movie V for Vendetta.This got us very excited and we decided research about this.We realized that the mask is now used by the group Anonymous. They wear it whenever they come out in public. Anonymous is an illegal international hacktivist group that is known for its cyber crimes against several governments and their institution and corporations. The mask was first used by the Anonymous in 2008.It is a mask of a man with an oversized smile with red cheeks , a wide mustache upturned at both ends and a thing pointed beard. This was designed by David Lloyd. It was first used in V for Vendetta published in 1982 and then in the 2005 film adaptation. Anonymous adopted the mask of Guy Fawkes because he was also considered to be anti -establishment just like the group considers themselves to be.
We have very enthusiastically making the masks
aansh kumar


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