Hello Friends

Today we saw your PPTs on Dusshera. We would like to thank you for putting in your efforts in the project. We received 7-8  entries from you guys. 3 PPTs were having totally different information about Guy Fawkes' death. One was telling that Guy Fawkes had broke his neck so that he could avoid hanging. The other two stated that Guy Fawkes had jumped off a cliff and had jumped off a tower in London.while our research states that  While climbing to the hanging platform, however, he jumped from the ladder and broke his neck, dying instantly.   we got this information from .........[https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/the-death-of-guy-fawkes]......... After watching your PPT it looks like you are very fascinated by Ravana.  We also got to know about the date when he died and about his mother and father's name --- Edith and Edward. There was some confusion between the surname of Thomas ---- whether it was Winter or Watson.

There were a few spelling mistakes as well.

Hope you enjoyed working with us and researching about our festival Dusshera.



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