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we were very confused about the differences between Catholic and protestants. so we did a little research on them and this is what we discovered:

The Pope
Catholics have a Pope, which they consider a vicar for Christ; an infallible stand-in while Protestants believe no human is infallible and Jesus alone heads up the Church.
Catholicism says that “humanity must discover its unity and salvation” within a church. Protestants say all Christians can receive salvation, regardless of church membership.
Saints are seen by Catholics as an intermediary to God or Jesus. Catholics pray to saints in addition to God. Protestants acknowledge saints, but don’t pray to them.
The be-all, end-all for Protestants is “the Word of God.” For Catholics, tradition is just as important as scripture.
In Catholicism, only the Roman Catholic Church has authority to interpret the Bible. Protestants believe that each individual has authority to interpret the Bible.
 Catholics are the only ones to have the concept of the seven sacraments.  Protestants teach that salvation is attained through faith alone.
we also got to know that henry the VIII was the first protestant king. thus by the time James I came to the throne there were a lot of people who did not want to be protestants.
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