Hi friends!!!!!
Today we, the students of class VII performed on the occasion of the Guy Fawkes night. Let me share some information about this event :-
We all did a skit about Guy Fawkes festival. We had to practice a lot to tell the truth about Guy Fawkes' intentions. Our group had to bring costumes and make props too. We all made the props and arranged the costumes too. All of us practiced till we reached perfection. Then came the time for the performance. There were different roles that were being played by my fellow classmates. Pihoo played the role of Guy Fawkes, Yasheswar played the role of Robert keys, Aniket played the role of Thomas bates, Sarvarth played the role of Watson, I (Divyansh) played the role of commander , Harshul  played the role of soldier 1 and tanishq played the role of soldier 2, also Sayuri,Kasshvi,Shraddha were the narrators. Our practices were hilarious but the skit went out very well. Some us wore the Guy Fawkes Vendetta Mask. We all were excited a lot.

Everyone enjoyed our play and the assembly went out very well. hope to talk to you all again.
Till then


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